Gearing Up for the 2012 Rocky Horror Picture Show at The Englert

Rocky Horror Platform Shoes

Rocky Horror Platform Shoes

That’s right! :) Comics in Action (in collaboration with The Englert Theatre) is gearing up for what will be a fantastic evening of hilarious frivolity. :)

From feedback we have received over the last several years, the one question that continually pops-up is this:  Why do you guys dress-up as “generic” Transylvanians?

Well, the answer has been rather simple: We dress-up as the Transylvanians so that we do not take-away from our audience’s more specific Rocky Horror Picture Show costumes. Yet, the question continues to persist. So, THIS year, every member of Comics In Action will dressed as a specific “Rocky Horror Picture Show” character. Not only will be have Dr. Scott and Eddie, but we will also have a Dr. Frank-N-Furter, Columbia, Magenta, Riff Raff and a Brad on-tap as well. :)

Not only that, we have some additional choreography, some visual cues and a few special costumes that should “WOW” the crowd this year. :)

In addition (Really? There’s MORE?), we have also garnered a most excellent make-up artist, Libby Nachtrieb, of GlamGore Makeup… and an exceptionally professional photographer from IC Pixx, Jackie Blake Jensen.

Honestly! :) This show will ROCK THE HOUSE!

To get your tickets NOW for the October 27th (Saturday) Midnight Movie (this show sells-out early), please visit The Englert Theatre.

2012 Rocky Horror Picture Show

2012 Rocky Horror Picture Show

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